Corporate Social Responsibility CSR Policy

Systematic Security Ltd is a medium sized private security provider of manned guarding, Door supervision and key-holding /mobile petrol. The Company recognizes that its activities impact upon the environment through its routine internal operations, its infrastructural development and through its influence and effects on the wider community. The Managing Director and the Senior Management Team are committed to the care of the environment and the prevention of pollution.

Systematic Security Ltd complies fully with environmental legislation and in particular to the Environmental Protection Act 1990 plus subsequent upgrades and amendments and also observes the requirements laid down by local Council and / or the Environment Agency as necessary.

The Company defines Corporate Social Responsibility as follows:
  1. Conducting Business in a socially responsible and ethical manner
  2. Protection the environment and the safety of people
  3. Supporting Human Rights
  4. Engaging, learning from, respecting and supporting the communities and cultures with which we work

Systematic Security Ltd aspires through corporate social responsibility to satisfactorily servicing a triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Profit. We will always endeavour to promote ‘green’ issues by recycling wherever possible and making use of products sourced via sustainable means. We will never knowingly fail to comply with any local or national laws, standards, by laws, orders or instructions that affect or are affected by anything done by us or in our name. We will always ensure that by careful advertising the people who live in the areas in which we work are always aware of any relevant job opportunities. Equally we shall, where possible, ensure that we support communities and Community associations by whatever means possible. We are ‘considerate contractors’ and will always work with the needs of not only local communities but also the wider community and national interests uppermost in our thoughts.

Whilst we do not support any specific charity, requests for donations will always be considered each year by the MD and at least one other main board director and will always receive a response.

Policy Approved By
Mr Afzal Mir
Managing Director - Systematic Security Ltd