Staff Survey Questionnaire

As a valued employee of Systematic Security Services, your feedback would be greatly appreciated as it enables us to collaboratively develop and improve the employment conditions and deliver the services that we offer, both to our employees and our clients.

Name: (optional)  

Please indicate which rating most regularly defines the standards of service that you have recently experienced.


1 - 2 Poor

3 – 4 Average

5 - 6 Good

7 – 8 Very Good

9 – 10 Excellent




I receive my Rota on time and accurately every week:

The Operations Team are helpful and professional:
(this is generally the mobile supervisor or senior officer)

The Management Team are helpful and professional:

I receive adequate uniform when requested:

I have received adequate training in order to complete my duties:

Wage payments are accurate and on time:

Telephone communication to the office is dealt with effectively and efficiently:

Issues raised are dealt with professionally and effectively:

The relationship between the onsite Security Team and the Client is open, honest and productive:

Overall, I rate the employment conditions at Systematic Security Services as:

How do you think we could improve the service we provide?


Many thanks for taking the time to fill in this feedback form. Your comments are greatly valued. Please return this form by fax to Head Office on tel: 0208 578 1935, or alternatively by post.