Systematic Security Services was established in 2009 with the vision to provide manned security services in the approved market. Systematics’ team achieved all the certification in their first year of the business as well as a small office in West London. Systematic manages to grow their business to a standard & turnover where they started competing with the bigger companies in the market by bidding & wining the contracts in both private & public sectors.

Systematic Security Services are approved under ACS scheme by SIA for the last 10 years as well as IS0 9001:2015 in Quality Management, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management & Safe Contractor. Systematic also have all the correct procedures in place to work with any Profile Client starting from local high street business to a multimillion retailer. Our aim is to make UK a safer place by adding our share to the security industry and achieve success through best practices.

The five key areas are:

1. Management support

Senior management are available and contactable, our reporting structure ensures open and effective lines of communication that provides an unrivalled level of fast response, decision making and resolution to any issues. At Systematic, customers and staff are our priority and the very lifeline of our business. Our management team is highly experienced, professional and above all proactive.

2. Seamless service delivery

In a labour intensive industry we plan ahead for almost every eventuality, we know that unplanned absenteeism for example can occur at any time, we therefore do not rely on off duty personnel for emergency cover. Systematic customers benefit from fully site trained support officers who provide cover for sickness, holidays and any unplanned absenteeism - a seamless service guarantee.

3. Best in class

In today’s competitive environment we strive to provide a best in class service in everything we do. We have internal and external customers, internal customers being our staff are treated with respect, however we do something more basic and ensure officers are paid accurately, timely and that their holiday pay is correct.

4. Total service excellence

Systematic Security Services has explored every possible avenue in our drive to provide total service excellence to our growing portfolio of customers. As a result, we have arrived at a point where we are actively celebrating our achievement of “being different” when compared to other mainstream suppliers.

Many of our competitors consider the achievement of generic, industry related service delivery standards as a reference to their achievement of acceptability. At Systematic Security Services we take a different view.

We do not want to gauge our performance by simply ticking boxes on a service measurement document, we do not want to be another monthly invoice - we want to offer our customers tangible and quantifiable benefits, adding real value to the provision of a security service. To do this we must adopt a different approach to our competitors, offering a truly proactive and consultative service package, constantly

reviewing, measuring and where necessary realigning our service delivery in line with those changing threats and risk’s that have been identified as a result of a stringently applied service review.

5. Commitment to quality

Our commitment to quality is the driving force behind our service delivery. As an intrinsic part of our business culture, our quality system is measured and monitored both internally and externally. This arrangement provides our customers with a service that is being continually appraised and where possible, improved. Our service plan is about achieving a specific range of outputs from all staff, at all locations, at all times.