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static / Construction Security

Static / construction security

According to UK police forces, tool and plant thefts from construction sites costs contractors around £95 million per year.

Systematic Security delivers holistic construction site security services which are implemented seamlessly alongside your site schedule.

Construction sites are often a target due to:

  1. High-value assets, equipment, and tools.
  2. Open access points and easy vehicular entry.
  3. Vacant sites out of hours and during weekends.

All of which can be detrimental to your business and operations.

Trespassers and intruders can cause damage that have a long-lasting impact. Many construction businesses have experienced tens of thousands of pounds worth of expenses to replace stolen assets and repair damage, and delays of months while repairs are carried out, due to insufficient security safeguards. That is why the need for a vigilant security workforce is essential. Somebody who can be trusted to act on instinct and be a visible deterrent to any would be offenders.

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