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Environment Commitment


Systematic Security Ltd is committed to protecting the environment and ensuring that activities are carried out in a sustainable way. All staff are made aware of our environmental commitment and are provided with the necessary training and resources to ensure that our overall objective is achieved.

We will ensure through our commitment to continuous improvement that we will comply with relevant applicable legal requirements and to other requirements

This includes

  1. Minimising the production of waste
  2. Maximising the use of local products and local workforce
  3. Providing a safe environment for all employees
  4. Protecting the environment

To further our aims we will:

  1. Provide adequate environmental training for all staff
  2. Develop a set of environmental targets
  3. Set action plans to achieve our targets .
  4. Review the environmental policy annually with a view to continuous improvement.

All new employees are made aware of the policy through induction training. The policy is made available to 3rd parties upon request.

The policy is reviewed annually and provides the framework for the setting and reviewing of our objectives and targets.

Afzal Mir

Managing Director

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